Take your holiday to the next level.
Fill your day with exciting activities
and get to visit Litochoro and mountain Olympus.
Explore the magic of the Greek nature
and create valuable memories.


Litochoro is the main entrance to the imposing, mythical mountain Olympus. Start your day by exploring Litochoro and follow impressive paths in the mountain. Discover different hiking routes, one of which leads to Enipeas gorge and other ideal ones even for our younger friends.


Visit mountain Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece with its highest peak Mytikas rising to 2.917 meters. Olympus is notable in Greek mythology as the home of the Greek gods. The mountain’s impressive height, its legendary history and its mythical charm make it one of the most popular mountains worldwide. The ascend to the top and the breathtaking views from up there will certainly offer lifetime experiences.


Akrotiri Olympus Luxury Suites can provide you with bikes. Inquire about the availability and the available routes and discover beautiful places in Litochoro and the whole Pieria district in style.

River Trekking

In the eastern side of the mountain, westerly of Dion town you can find heaven on earth. Visit Orlia stream and discover one of the most beautiful hiking routes in mountain Olympus. The route follows a magnificent path and while you walk having the stream beside you through the hike, you reach the Red Rock Waterfall. Visit this stunning waterfall during the summer and dive in the purest, crystal clear waters you’ve ever seen.

Autonomous Scuba diving

Conquering the ocean floor is an exciting experience. Discover a totally unfamiliar undersea world with beautiful coral formations and be surrounded by countless species of fish and aquatic animals. This is an ideal option for novice divers.


For those who love sailing, there are available boats in Limin Litochorou, mostly known as Gritsa Beach and sail in the Aegean’s blue waters. The port is a two-kilometer-distance from the Akrotiri Olympus Luxury Suites.


Visitors seeking for a recreational and competitive adventure sport can try paragliding in mountain Olympus. A thrilling experience which gives you the sense you can fly and gives breathtaking views of the mountain’s peaks and the crystal clear waters of the Pieria district.

Horse Riding

In Litochoro you can go horse riding in beautiful paths and places on the foothills of mountain Olympus. Relax and enjoy the sense of freedom this activity has to offer. Horse riding strengthens physical and mental health and will definitely become the highlight of your vacation in Akrotiri Olympus Luxury Suites.

Jeep Safari

With specialized 4×4 jeeps get the chance to discover distant and fascinating places in the northwest part of mountain Olympus. Enjoy a unique off road experience, observe the verdant scenery and get closer to Olympus’ natural headwaters and high peaks.

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